Il cluster delle nanotecnologie in Piemonte

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Il cluster delle nanotecnologie in Piemonte


WP 10/2009; The main goal of the paper is to shed light on the industrial structure of the local nanotech cluster, in order to make an industrial policy proposal to renew the local industrial system. The concept of industrial cluster and the main characteristics of nanotechnologies are discussed, to define the theorethical and the technological background of the empirical analysis. The latter is based on the characteristcs and the behaviour of the different actors of the nanotech cluster (research institutions, firms, technology transfer institutions). These actors are described by their quantitative and qualitative features. Finally, a SWOT analysis summarizes the key elements of the cluster and the opportunities of future growth. The results show that the Piedmont nanotech cluster is at the beginning its life-cicle and is not well defined in terms of industrial structure yet. In any case, as all the key actors of the sectorial innovation system are present in the area, it will be possible to foster the nanotech cluster through a local industrial policy based on subsidized technology transfer programmes.


CNR Ceris