An online survey on the effects of agile working in Italian Public Research Organisations.

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An online survey on the effects of agile working in Italian Public Research Organisations.


Working Paper Ircres-CNR 02/2021. This contribution summarizes the reference framework and main features of the online survey launched by CNR-IRCrES as part of the project Agile working in research institutions: organisational factors and individual behaviours in the production of knowledge. The survey aims to explore the individuals’ effects of the massive activation of agile working, due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, within selected Italian Public Research Organisations (PROs). These organisations belong to a peculiar work sector, mainly characterized by intellectual and creative work performances, which include highly innovative activities. Considering the extensive implementation of this work mode in emergency circumstances, the investigation deals with specific dimensions of the individual’s scientific work, such as productivity, collaborations, and other research routines. The survey has a specific interest in the value of the organisational autonomy of the research workers and considers side aspects connected to personal and social well-being as well. An overview on the literature on agile working and on the Italian legislation will introduce the main analytical dimensions treated. The survey design is outlined retracing the stages of the research implementation, like the definition of the target population (researchers and technologists from the PROs) and the strategy for contacting the respondents. As regard both to the public and the private sector, the investigations on the effects of the implementation of agile working are at the early stages. Thus, the strategy presented configures as a methodological proposal to be applied for studying the adaptation processes and the eventual changes in intellectual or creative jobs.