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Quaderni Ircres numero 1/2018
Insights on the efficiency of Embodied Knowledge Transfer. Results from a localized initiative
Long time series of highly cited articles: an empirical study
Public research in Nanotechnology in Piedmont (Italy)
Benefit analysis. Assessing the cost of blackouts in case of attack. Evaluation based on Italian and Polish case studies
Cost analysis of standard implementation in the SCADA Systems of electric critical infrastructures
Considerations on the implementation of SCADA standards on critical infrastructures of power grids . Special ESSENCE series on security standards for critical infrastructures.
Asian tigers in nanotechnologies: evolutionary path of scientific production of People's Republic of China, Japan and South Korea
Il cluster delle nanotecnologie in Piemonte
Nanotechnologies for textiles, fabrics and clothing: an overview of the scientific literature on the topic
Research trends in nanotechnology studies across geo-economic areas
Temporal and spatial relations between patents and scientific journal articles: the case of nanotechnologies
Evolutionary growth of knowledge and new technological directions of non-thermal plasma technology in medicine
Groundbreaking technological applications of nanotechnology in biomedicine: detecting emerging pathways from scientific and technological outputs
Emerging scientific directions in plasma technology for food decontamination
Quaderni Ircres numero 1/2016. Emerging costs deriving from blackouts for individual firms: evidence from an Italian case study