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Bollettino CERIS n. 20 Profili di sviluppo nella realtà industriale italiana
Bollettino CERIS n. 13 Contributi vari
Contributi allo studio dei processi d'internazionalizzazione del sistema produtttivo italiano
Product Differentiation, Industry Concentration and Market Share Turbulence
Firm Diversification in the European Union New Insights on Return to Core Business and Relatedness
Going public to grow? Evidence from a panel of Italian firms
Il nuovo panel Ceris su dati di impresa 1977-1997 (The new Ceris panel of italian firms 1977-1997)
Dati disaggregati e analisi della struttura industriale: la matrice europea delle quote di mercato
Investimenti, Fattori Finanziari e Ciclo Economico (Investment, Financial Factors and Business Fluctuations
Multinationality, diversification and firm size. An empirical analysis of Europe's leading firms
Explaining corporate structure: the MD matrix, product differentiation and size of market
Does debt discipline state-owned firms? Evidence from a panel of Italian firms
European integration and leading firms' entry and exit strategies
Agency Issues in a Family Controlled Corporate Governance Structure The Case of Italy
Shareholder Protection and the Cost of Capital Empirical Evidence from German and Italian Firms
Italian Corporate Governance, Investment, and Finance
Investment, cash flow and managerial discretion in state-owned firms. Evidence across soft and hard budget constraints
Managerial discretion and investment decisions of state-owned firms: Evidence from a panel of italian companies
98 S.E.M. and the changing structure of eu manufacturing, 1987-1993
Firms financial and real responses to business cycle skocks and monetary tightening. Evidence for large and small italian companies