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Modelli di analisi e previsione del rischio di insolvenza. Una prospettiva delle metodologie applicate (Analysis and forecasting models for default risk. A survey of applied methodologies)
Parcours formatifs et entrée dans le marché du travail pour les femmes. Analyse des différences homme-femme dans le cas des politiques de formation en Piémont
Artificial Neural Networks and risk stratification in Emergency department
Labour productivity and social network metrics in scientific research
Il sistema pesca. Italia e Europa a confronto
Vocational training and labour market: inclusion or segregation paths? An integrated approach on immigrant trainees in Piedmont
Gender inequalities and labour integration. An integrated approach to vocational training in Piedmont
Overcoming sustainability barriers through Formalized Network Contracts (FNCs): the experience of Italian SMEs
Benefit analysis. Assessing the cost of blackouts in case of attack. Evaluation based on Italian and Polish case studies
Models for Default Risk Analysis: Focus on Artificial Neural Networks, Model Comparisons, Hybrid Frameworks
La responsabilité sociale, est-elle une variable influençant les performances d'entreprise?
Nouveaux instruments d'évaluation pour le risque financier d'entreprise
Fame e abbondanza. Il glossario. Scelte lessicologiche, criteri di lemmatizzazione e analisi testuale
Supportare la ricerca e l’innovazione in sanità tramite i modelli organizzativi: il caso dell’Azienda Ospedaliera “SS. Antonio e Biagio e Cesare Arrigo” di Alessandria
An artificial neural network approach for assigning rating judgements to Italian Small Firms
Performance of the health care industry: the Italian case study
The distribution of agricultural funds towards undeveloped areas: evidence from Italy
Transaction costs and pharmaceutical clinical research, a Data Envelopment Analysis approach
Infezioni correlate all'assistenza ospedaliera: un caso studio di costo efficacia